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Ms. Beth


What age group do you primarily work with?

I work with the 2 year olds and our infants.


How long have you worked in the Child Care field?

I have worked in this field for 9 years.


How long have you been with Ms. Bev's Place?

I have worked at Ms. Bev's place since 2005.


What is your philosophy on the education of children in your classroom?

I believe that our society has progressed in a way that forces children to grow up too fast.  For this reason, I like to provide the children with the opportunity to play as much as possible.  At this age, children can learn a great deal through play and it's important to let them explore their interests.


What are your goals for the children in your class?

My goal is to provide a fun learning environment for the children and environment where they know each of them is loved.


What do you look forward to about coming to work every day?

I love coming in everyday and seeing each of their smiling faces.  Not only can they brighten my day, but I'm an constantly in awe of how much each of them learns and grows each day.


If someone asked you why the should choose Ms. Bev's Place, what would you tell them?

I would be sure to tell them that there isn't a friendlier or more loving staff than the staff at Ms. Bev's Place.  We always make sure that the children here are learning, having a great time, and constantly feel safe and loved.

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