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Ms. Dana


What age group do you primarily work with?

I work with the 2 year olds in our Blue Room.


How long have you worked in the Child Care field?

I have worked in this field for 5 years.


How long have you been with Ms. Bev's Place?

I have worked at Ms. Bev's place for the last 5 years.


What is your philosophy on the education of children in your classroom?

I believe that in their first five years, children truly experience life without the societal norms and pressures placed on them later on.  This is their time to be children, to learn, to grow, and to develop.  Giving children an environment they feel comfortable in allows them to do just that.


What are your goals for the children in your class?

My goal is to provide a fun, loving, and safe environment where children are able to learn and grow.  I believe children learn best through play.  My goal is to help your children develop the skills they need as the grow older.


What do you look forward to about coming to work every day?

There isn't a day I wake up and don't want to come in and spend the day with your children.  I look forward to seeing their smiling faces.  The love and affection that my two year olds show me would make anyone's heart melt.  I enjoy knowing that I will be aiding in the development of who they will become in the future.


If someone asked you why the should choose Ms. Bev's Place, what would you tell them?

Ms. Bev's Place is such a kind and loving learning environment.  Children are learning while enjoying some of the best moments of their childhood.

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