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Ms. Grace


What age group do you primarily work with?

I work with our infants.


How long have you worked in the Child Care field?

I have worked in this field for 14 years.


How long have you been with Ms. Bev's Place?

I have worked at Ms. Bev's place for the last 8 years.


What is your philosophy on the education of children in your classroom?

Coming soon!


What are your goals for the children in your class?

For infants, it's important that they feel they're safe in their environment.  When they come to my room, I ensure that we provide a safe, trusting, and caring atmosphere for them.  This is an age where it's important for the children to explore and I provide them the opportunity to do that on a daily basis.


What do you look forward to about coming to work every day?

I look forward to coming in and seeing "my babies" grow and learn something new every day.  It's amazing witnessing their little "a-ha" moments!


If someone asked you why the should choose Ms. Bev's Place, what would you tell them?

Ms. Bev's Place is more than a child care center, we are truly a second family to your children.  We provide them with the love, care, and attention they need to thrive.

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